2021 reflections and looking ahead to 2022 from Crown Plus Construction Director, Gary Price

The conclusion of one year and the start of another seems to inspire us to reflect. Whilst at home we wrap up presents and plan family gatherings, within the Crown Plus we are wrapping up projects, planning our 2022 strategic initiatives, and reflecting and learning from our accomplishments and challenges over the last 12 months.

2021 has brought about exponential business growth for Crown Plus, this naturally provides the challenge of managing such growth whilst maintaining the company’s values, and it has been year of development and learning for all of us, either at the team or individual level.

Along with the ongoing success of our growing client base, we were honoured to be awarded the contract to help restore Bennerley Viaduct a grade 2* listed railway viaduct built in 1877, which will see the “Iron Giant” brought back to life, and re-open to the public later in 2022 some 50 years after its closure”. In addition, we have been awarded two significant TST highways contracts for the forthcoming 7 year period, as well as works on the HS2 Scheme. All of which, we are immensely proud of and are key accomplishments in Crown Plus’s growth.

As an expanding business, both co-founder Paul Conner and I are committed to the ongoing investment and development of new technologies and innovation, the latest of which will be brought to market in 2022 and provides fresh and exciting opportunities for both Crown Plus and how works are undertaken in the highways industry in sustainable and efficient new ways.

We are proud of all we have accomplished with our valued clients and partners this year and thank you for your continued partnership. With the 2022 contracts and schemes we are very much looking forward to the fostering of new relationships, and look forward to supporting each other’s business values, goals and ambitions.

Along with growing our services and innovations, our Crown Plus team has also grown and strengthened, I can’t say thank you enough to this team. I’m truly humbled by and beyond appreciative of your relentless commitment and dedication to your work.

To conclude I would like to wish Crown Plus’s customers, partners, and employees a festive, safe, and healthy holiday season and a tremendous 2022.


Gary Price
Co-Founder & Construction Director, Crown Plus Ltd