During 2023 Crown Plus commissioned an independent Carbon Assessment report to assess the greenhouse gases (GHG) reductions possible, by utilising Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining methods compared to conventional dig-down methods on highways drainage remediation works. A desk study had signalled that cost and emission reductions would be achieved through CIPP, however Crown Plus wanted to both quantify and validate the GHG savings to provide clients with credible confidence in the achievable reductions.

The independently assessed results were quite remarkable. Through practicing CIPP services, for every linear 1 meter of 225mm diameter pipe, Crown Plus saves 57.4 kgCO₂o, compared to the conventional dig-down methods, equivalent to the emissions from driving 204 miles using a diesel car.

The two different repair techniques can be seen as follows:

Life cycle stages of a CIPP Project

Life cycle stage of a conventional dig-down and repair project.



The assessment compared a scheme which had undertaken CIPP for a 91-meter length section of 225mm pipe. Calculations covered operational carbon emissions for the in-situ implementation of Crown Plus’s CIPP lining service to provide clean, debris free, fully functional pipes, then compared this same scheme utilising the conventional dig-down methods. Data templates were independently created to collate the data enabling the GHG emission calculation and quantification.

Over the 91-meter length scheme, the total carbon emissions using the CIPP methods were 3.6 tCO2e compared to the 8.8 tCO2e emissions produced from the conventional dig-down approach, thus saving 5.2 tCO2e overall, 59.1% as a percentage saving.

To quantify this a 5.2 tCO2e scheme saving over 91 metres, compares to either of the following:

Emissions from burning 1.8 tonnes of domestic charcoal,

Emissions from consuming 2,033 litres of diesel,

Sequestration by 86 tree seedlings for 10 years.

If you would to discuss our CIPP solutions or if you would like a copy of our 3rd Party Carbon Emission Reports please contact Gary Price: gary.price@crown-plus.co.uk