Crown Plus’s Paul Conner speak on doing business in an environmentally responsible way

As we watch COP26 unfolding on the news, and see the desperate need for all people, businesses and governments all over the world to pull together to limit global warming to 1.5ºC, as a business we ask what we can do to contribute less to climate change.

We speak to Paul Conner, co-founder and Commercial Director of Crown Plus for his thoughts.  “As a father and fellow human being, I join the many others who want to leave the planet in a better way.

As a business owner, I have come to learn, like many others, that environmentally sustainable business practices make good business, and often result in cost savings.   Therefore, I recognise our duty to challenge ourselves to offer solutions that are better for the environment, to continually invest in R&D that addresses more sustainable technology and practices and to absolutely reduce landfill wherever and whenever possible.

“I am proud to say this work started years ago, however as a company we cannot pause; we need to continue to magnify these efforts.  We have recently extended our highway survey services to provide find and fix remedies to immediately improve highway conditions, reducing the requirement of secondary programmes and road closures.  In addition, we have invested in filter drain recycling technology that allows the recycling and reuse of existing material by cleaning type B stone and returning this to the filter drain, providing a reduction in the use of quarried products. This also allows for less transportation with material recycled on site rather than being removed, offering approximately a 40% reduction in vehicle movements resulting in less CO2 emissions polluting our atmosphere. We are also constantly reviewing the efficiency of our practices, not only does this make good business sense but a more efficient process means fewer machines, offering a significant reduction in carbon emissions and providing business practices we can be proud of.

“Our journey has just started, but by thinking about what we do and how we can do it in a more sustainable way, we hope to say that we are helping in the fight against climate change and doing business in an environmentally responsible way.”