Our continued investment into the research and development of new technology is a key part of our ability to deliver cost effective and smart solutions to programmes.


Our custom made VERGEBlaster provides a fast, efficient, and economical way to maintain filter drains where overburden builds up at the carriage edge. This patented machine is designed specifically for verges and can extract weeds and silt on verges up to 500mm wide and 200mm deep, processing up to 150 metres of road per hour.

This system prolongs the life of the asset and is up to 50% cheaper than traditional overburden stripping methods utilising excavators. The system also reduces the risk of damage to the carriageway construction edge.


CR500 Recycling Machine

Our CR500 Recycling Machine was custom developed following a 6-month design process and is capable of recycling up to 90t of filter drain media per hour.

The machine is designed to allow the operator to change the speed of the process based on the volume of silt contained within the filter drain itself, ensuring the drainage media placed directly back into service meets the grading specification as stated in Table 5/5 of the SHW (MCHW 1) with all waste products being removed from the site.

This cost-efficient system provides a more sustainable approach to filter drain recycling the through the reduction of new quarried materials being taken to site, a reduction in waste materials being taken to a landfill as well as reduced HGV movements in and out of lane closures.

Smarter Working and Delivery Solutions

At Crown Plus we pride ourselves on our “smarter working and delivery solutions” allowing for improved efficiencies with positive results in time and cost savings. Our latest advancements in our drainage surveying services provide our clients with faultless data sets within 20 days of our site works being complete.

It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it!

Our surveying operations fully utilise a range of both bespoke and nationally available systems to provide a more efficient approach to post processing data, thus higher quality and 50% faster data from site to our clients.