Case Study

Project Overview

Project Activity: “Find and Fix” Drainage works

Length of Drainage Surveyed: 8000m

Hours of Works: Weekday and night-time working

Summary of Works: Over recent years this section of the A449 from junction 2 of the M54 to Coven has been prone to localised flooding during heavy rainfall events. As such there have been many attempts to both identify the causes and rectify the problems.

Crown Plus were commissioned in early May 2022 to undertake detailed drainage condition surveys, and associated remediation works to bring the surface water drainage system back into a serviceable condition.

This method of ‘Find and Fix’ was based upon our site supervisors compiling and submitting detailed defect schedules to the office at the end of each shift. This data was swiftly reviewed by the Crown Plus senior management team, alongside the CCTV footage, to determine which defects could be rectified, with remediation proposals submitted to National Highways for their approval on that same day.

This process required close collaboration with both the Client and National Highways, thus allowing for the remediation works to be undertaken within the same traffic management phasing and road space booking which provides significant time and cost savings.


Stafford M54 J2: A449 to Coven

Kier Highways

May to June 2022

Highway Remedials