Case Study

Project Overview

Project Activity: Overburden removal and filter drain recycling, with additional drainage survey and remediation works.

Length of Project: 6.2KM

Overview of Works:

Refurbishment of the filter drain media and overburden removal along the verges and central reserve of the A5 between the Churncote Roundabout and Felton Butler Roundabout, in Shropshire. Undertaking the treatment of 6.2KM of filter media to a depth of 600mm, to provide a final regraded surface of between 25mm and 40mm below carriageway level. 

In addition, Crown Plus were commissioned to carry out approximately 1.5km of detailed drainage surveys along the highway, incorporating a “find and fix” approach to the identified defects, to ensure the drainage system was fully functioning to the outfall, this involved:

An ‘All Assets Defect Survey’ (CCTV and jetting) of drainage system.

Clearance of all root moss and silt within the piped system, manholes and gullies and chambers.

• Identifying and agreeing with NH Drainage Team any structural grade defects for remediation (such as patching, lining, dig downs or ironwork repairs and ditch reprofiling).

• Vegetation clearance where needed, to access and identify assets.

• Sweeping and detritus/overburden removal as identified and as required.

Post construction GPR surveys were completed following the works, providing updates to the DDMS.


A5 Churncote

Galiford Try

July 2023

Filter Drain Recycling and drainage surveys.