Case Study

Project Overview

Project Activity: HADDMS Survey

Length of Drainage Surveyed: 104km (Pipe length)

Hours of Works: Daytime and night-time working

Summary of Works: Crown Plus were commissioned to undertake 104km (pipe length) of full survey to HADDMS Specification including jetting, CCTV & capture of drainage asset data. Deliverables included Wincan inspection report, ESRI SHP files, asset inventory drawings, condition drawings, grading (service condition) and the point item report.

The resource supplied for this scheme on site consisted of 4 two man gangs servicing 2 CCTV and 1 jetter each evening. Once the data was collected it was uploaded to a data cloud for the data processing team to access it and commence the processing of the data in order for it to become HADDMS compliant and subsequent uploading to the Highways England database.

All on site works were delivered within the required timescales to the satisfaction of the client. Due to the size of the scheme and the limited timescales for delivery works were split between two contractors with Crown Plus taking responsibility for the data processing and completion of HADDMS and AutoCAD drawings to the required standards.

These included:

  • Wincan Inspection Reports
  • ESRI SHP Files
  • Asset Inventory Drawings
  • Condition Drawings (including annotated drawings)
  • Point Asset Service & Condition Reports

Jerry McKay, Senior Contracts Manager at FM Conway thanked the Crown Plus team, stating:

“Crown Plus are an integral part of our supply chain and have undertaken numerous HADDMS compliant schemes. We very much see Crown as a specialist service provider in terms of the capturing and processing of drainage asset data to meet the requirements of HD43 & IAN 147/12.”


Tranche 6 Junction 19-23a M1

FM Conway

July to November 2018

Highway Drainage Surveys