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Project Overview

The A47 Wansford Nene Way Enhancement scheme involved the closure of the Wansford Picnic Area to public vehicles to deter antisocial behaviour and the upgrade of an existing shared use path through the picnic area.

The new shared use path runs parallel to the A1 and passes underneath the A1 existing structures. The path proceeds through to the picnic area, finishing at the access road that historically served the picnic area from the east.

The scheme included the installation of a telescopic bollard at the entrance of the picnic area from the A47 to prevent general public vehicle access. The path consisted of a paved path designed for use by pedestrians and cyclists, alongside which a grassed verge was constructed for equestrian use.

Crown Plus provided the initial extensive site clearance and earthworks to construct this 300m long combined footway and bridleway. Further works involved the construction of a 150m long gabion wall, installation of 600m of pre-cast concrete edgings resurfacing works.

Special consideration was needed due to the number of existing wildlife habitats along the route of the works together with bat colonies living within the main structure carrying the A1 across the River Nene. In view of this, specialist silent running electric plant was utilised so not to disturb the inhabitants.

Works commenced 2 weeks before the nationwide Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown was imposed. This caused many suppliers in the area to close their businesses temporarily which provided delays to the works programme, during this time Crown Plus was in regular communication with the client to ensure they were kept fully informed of the situation, and any possible remedies were reviewed.


Wansford, near Peterborough

Graham Construction Limited

February to May 2020

Associated Civils